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A letter from FIN Publisher, Craig Low.

When we first started planning for the 2020 summer publishing season of the Fire Island News back in January, COVID was that virus only in China, the economy was humming at a record pace and city streets were calm at a midwinter’s rest.

 By early April, it was clear that there was to be a radical and significant impact of COVID to the lives of tens of thousands and damage to the economy. The killing of George Floyd in May signaled that the country was on notice for the demands of much needed social reforms.

 How quickly the country and world changed in a few months.

 Locally, Suffolk County, the Towns of Islip and Brookhaven as well as the Fire Island communities found themselves in the near epicenter of COVID and it’s devastating effects upon our community. The terms social distancing and self-quarantine were the new normal, and with tremendous impact on local business.

 In early May, I began questioning whether we would be able to actually publish the Fire Island News this summer. As an advertising revenue dependent publication, I saw the economic devastation to our local businesses and the possible limits on tourism and guests visiting the Fire Island communities.

By Memorial Day there were a few glimmers of light. Restaurants were opening and adhering to social distancing and wearing of masks allowed for getting out of the house and to the enjoyment of the start of summer.

Being mindful of the local business economic concerns and also believing that there would be a reader’s appetite for the Fire Island News, we took a leap of faith and committed to printing four issue for the months of July and August.

We were very fortunate to have many local businesses believe in and support local journalism and the Fire Island News! Without support from these advertisers, the Fire Island News would not be possible, in this or any year. With the current struggles that local businesses face, to give that extra commitment and investment with their precious advertising budget to again support the Fire Island News this summer is greatly appreciated.

 We thank our advertisers for allowing us at the Fire Island News to print our 64th season!

 To our loyal readers, thank you for your comments and feedback throughout the summer.

 It’s hard to predict the future, but rest assured, the Fire Island News will be celebrating 65 years of publishing next summer.


Craig Low

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