Jacob Jaglom (1927-2021)

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Jacob “Jack” Jaglom in 1963 with children Leona and Drew Jaglom. Photo courtesy of Leona Jaglom.

By Lucie Lagodich ~ Making lifelong friends in the Fire Island Community in the early 1960s, Jacob Jaglom, 94, passed away on March 23, 2021.

In the early 1960s, women and children spent their summers in Fire Island and would rush down to the ferry dock on Friday evenings with drinks in hand to greet their husbands and fathers and welcome them home for the weekend. Jacob “Jack” Jaglom was one of these men, who already had a lifetime of experiences under his belt before his first visit to Fire Island.

Jaglom was a part of the Jewish community in Białystok, Poland, where his family owned textile mills. When the Soviets began to occupy Poland, arresting and deporting owners to Siberia, his parents planned an escape. At age 12, Jaglom, along with his family, escaped via Lithuania. In the summer of 1940, the Soviets occupied the Baltic States, and Jaglom and nine members of his family escaped again with the help of the now historically famous Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara. After a 14-day journey on a trans-Siberian train, the family spent six weeks in Japan after which they attempted to get to Palestine through Iraq but could not get past India.

He spent the next five years in Bombay, India (now Mumbai), before making his way across the ocean to attend university in the United States in 1946 where he studied chemical engineering and met Irene Moore, the love of his life who he was with for almost 70 years.

An active man, Jaglom was an avid skier until age 93. In Bombay, he was a cyclist, water polo player and champion swimmer, a talent he used on the shores of Fire Island where he taught his children how to swim in the ocean. He would play catch with his children on the beach, where he is lovingly remembered for throwing the ball high into the air. He was very social and could be found regularly playing volleyball and water skiing in the bay with friends, which transformed into waterskiing on a lake in South Pomfret, Vermont, where he spent much of his free time.

Jaglom found his way back to Fire Island for the summer of 2020, where he spent the COVID-19 pandemic with his family. He took many walks on the beach, ate lobster (his favorite food) and watched the moonrise over the ocean for the first time in his life. He spent those few months getting to know this generation of Fire Islanders, a summer remembered by his family as very sweet and a gift. He never missed a sunset on the dock, a staple of the Fair Harbor community. Jaglom would make his way down to the bay and enjoy the view on a bench that is currently having a plaque made in his honor by his family and neighbors on the Island.

Irene predeceased Jaglom in 2017. He is survived by his children, Leona (husband Robin) and Drew (wife Gail); He is survived by his children, Leona (husband Robin) and Drew (wife Gail); his grandchildren, Peter, Wendy, Gracie, Sasha and Benjy; and great-grandchildren, Tommy, Maddie and Mikaela. and great-grandchildren, Peter’s Tommy and Maddie; and Wendy’s Mikaela.

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