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Congratulations to Linda Patch, winner of KLAW bike, pictured with her sister, Bridget.

By Bradlee White ~ Last Saturday, June 18, was an event-packed day. It started at 8:30 a.m. when over a dozen volunteers gathered at the East Lighthouse beach in answer to Sam Wood’s call for help with the first of three installations of dune fencing. Sam explained that years of experience guide the most effective time and method of putting them up. Fierce winter storms in the early 1990s ripped up large chunks of fencing leading to decisions to plant them in the spring/summer. Sam also cited research done by a former Saltaire mayor that led to discontinuing the use of old layered Christmas trees because chemicals emitted by decaying pine needles eat away at the wooden fencing.

In lieu of the long-standing Kismet League for Animal Welfare (KLAW) Flea Market in the Firehouse, community homeowners set up shop for local tag sales in front of their homes: It was a successful endeavor and lots of fun. I chatted with Kathleen and John Henry, long-time renters and now owners of “Inisfree” as they sat at their table. KLAW volunteers Helen Quenzer and Barbara Winter joined me selling tickets for Bicycle 2021. Linda Patch, a frequent visitor to the Hopkins, her brother and sister-in-law at “Sunset House,” held the winning ticket. The perfect weather attracted a steady stream of visitors to event tables by the bay. The Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary table was staffed by Beth Flood who creates artful basket arrangements of goodies for weekly raffles. Winners were the “Chiros,” Janet and Linda. Dana DeRuvo Hanner and Debbie Lot set up a joint tag sale table by the market with delightful beach-themed items.

A somber note on the day was the Memorial Service on the beach near the Lighthouse for long-time resident and homeowner, Lauren Dennis, who passed away last year. I think of Lauren whenever I pass the tennis courts.

As you are reading this column on Friday July 2, you may have already experienced the July 4 children’s holiday parade on June 27 with its theme, Hometown Hospital Workers. No crowds at the flag raising and no Fire Department barbecue, but a lot to celebrate in the year 2021.

The Fourth will continue to be celebrated all week. Kismet streets are lined with American flags flying from high utility poles. The sand castle building contest is Saturday, July 3, with sand pails full of donated prizes for the winners. Register beginning at 10 a.m. at the Pine Walk beach. Creations can begin at any time but must be finished by 3 p.m. KLAW will celebrate the holiday with a Mini Market and Chance Auction on Sunday afternoon, July 4, at “Eyegasm,” 133 Pine Walk.

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