Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself

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By Donnie DeSanti

“What can I do to lose 10 to 20 pounds in a few weeks?” is a question I am often asked. Unfortunately, no matter how much we continue to search, there is no secret formula for losing weight. Yet, we still continue to try all the latest fads of weight loss from shakes, pills, and gadgets. The truth is all diets work, if we stick to them. The problem is we expect the results a lot quicker than they happen. A person didn’t gain all that weight in two weeks, why do we expect it can be lost so quickly? Meaningful weight loss is the outcome of a better lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet. It’s a slow and steady process that takes time, dedication, and a plan. Here are a few tips to kick things into action for long-lasting results.

Juicing: Fresh-pressed juices, made from real fruits and vegetables loaded with nutrition, are king, and nothing gives the body a blast like a fresh juice. Juices are a great source of nutrients due to their high absorbability because there is no fiber involved. This allows the body to absorb the nutrients straight into the system. We are not talking about the sugary bottled juices on the grocery store shelf of course – instead look for a local juice bar in your area or invest in a juicer for your home. Fresh green juice is a great way to start the day!

Carbs in the Evenings: Carbohydrates get a bad rap, but not all carbs are created equal – and faddish no-carb diets rarely last long for any individual. Instead stick to whole food carbs like potatoes, root vegetables, and grains. Plus, hold off on your carb enjoyment for the evening time. This will help keep your insulin balanced during the day and not cause huge sugar spikes. Enjoy your carbs in the evening time for a better night sleep as well.

Make Your Own Sweets: We hear all the time to cut out the sugar, but let’s be honest, that’s hard to do. If you are having a tough time cutting out the sweets, make a promise to yourself that if you are going to have sweets, you must make them from scratch! So if you want a cookie, put on your apron and start baking. While you’re at it, adding healthier ingredients to upgrade those sweet treats will make them a lot less guilty for you. Have you ever had chocolate avocado pudding? Try this game changer.

Follow a Meal Plan: The hardest part about losing weight is figuring out what to have for your next meal. When you take time to plan your meals, the process becomes a lot smoother. Make sure to give yourself plenty of food options, and keep those options tasty and healthy. Keeping an empty fridge is not the key to weight loss, but a pantry full of healthy options will suppress those binge cravings.

Sleep Mode: Quality sleep is the hidden secret to weight loss. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are making your weight loss journey that much more difficult. Make a point of hitting the sack at an earlier time, and create a nighttime routine that sets you up for a great night of good sleep. Much that contributes to weight loss in the body happens in sleep mode, it is foolish not to capitalize on it.

Gain Strength: Have you heard strong is the new skinny? There is a reason for it. Building muscle literally burns fat while you are sleeping. When we exercise to build muscle, the body taps into fat reserves and burns calories to make our muscles stronger. A morning jog is nice, but pick up some weights to work on those muscles. Good luck on your weight loss journey, you got this!

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