Nice Girl by Melissa Ross

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By Leonard Feigenblatt

(3 out of 5 Starts)

Josephine is the “nice girl,” in her late 30’s, living with her controlling mother. When she was 18, she left home to attend Radcliffe on a scholarship. When her father died, she left and came back home to take care of her mother and never went back. She catches the eye of butcher and former high school acquaintance Donny, who takes a liking to her. Donny too, went off to college, but dropped out when his girl friend became pregnant. Josephine also befriends her divorced co-worker Sherry; who is her complete opposite. Sherry tries to help Josephine to get her guy.

The performances are all excellent. Diane Davis brings depth and likability to the role of Josephine. Kathryn Kates is perfect as the controlling mother. Tony nominee Nick Cordero is charming as Donny. Liv Rooth plays Sherry with great gusto. This play pulls you in and makes you very invested in the lives of all these characters.

Nice Girl is playing at the Westbeth Theatre 155 Bank Street – Telephone 212-513-1080. For more information on Nice Girl and the Labyrinth Theatre Company, please visit

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