Police Presence at Pride Parade

by Shoshanna M. |

By Shoshanna McCollum

A letter described as “an indirect threat” by Sayville Ferry Service Proprietor Kenneth Stein added a sober tone to the Pride Parade at Cherry Grove on June 16, 2018, with heavy law enforcement detail being noticeable to Grove residents and visitors alike. Said letter was received in the U.S. mail, and the matter is presently under investigation by the Hate Crimes unit of Suffolk County Police Department. The incident coincided with a scheduled drill coordinated by the U.S. Coast Guard, SCPD, and TSA, among other agencies, according to Lt. Alana Fagan of the USCG, and planned security measures were enhanced accordingly. As this investigation is presently ongoing, SCPD was not at liberty to release additional details. “I am impressed with the professionalism and respect of all coordinated responding agencies showed to crew and passengers alike,” said Stein. “We kept things safe, and no one rained on our parade!”

Photo by Ursula Borell

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Shoshanna McCollum is editor of Fire Island News. Author of two books, and award-winning journalist for multiple Fire Island and South Shore Long Island publications since 2000, she resides year round on Fire Island with her husband and many cats.

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