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By Robert Levine ~ The Grovettes/Copettes volleyball tournament returned to the Grove on Aug. 3, and once again it was a big event. The town was bustling with an enthusiastic crowd to witness the annual game. The police marching band paraded through town playing their bagpipes, flutes, and drums while donning their kilts. It was a nail biter when both teams were tied for a while, but the Grovettes scored the victory! The crowd went wild. As always is a lot of fun.

The Rainbow Connection was well received by the attending audience. Vignettes of familiar stories in the Grove were part of the show, which was created by Sheila Morgan, Gavin Trinidad and Adam Odsess-Rubin. Rose Levine closed the show with “I Am What I Am.” It was a poignant moment. Cocktails were served on the roof balcony of the Cherry Grove Community House Theatre after the show.

Laura Mercogliano and her two sisters, Debra and Cynthia, joined Michael and me for dinner in the Grove last Tuesday. They loved visiting the nightclubs before taking the water taxi back to Ocean Beach.

The meet and great Senator Kirsten Gillebrand had scheduled with her friends in the Pines on July 31 was unfortunately canceled due to a special important session in Washington, D.C. Hope to see her in the near future.

Both the Grove and the Pines fire departments held their annual community luncheons last weekend. Besides lots of food and drinks, there were displays of equipment and gear, which was explained to viewers upon request. We were able to learn more about the operation of fire departments.

An important election in Cherry Grove will be held this September. Diane Romano will be stepping down as president of Cherry Grove Community Association (CGCAI) after 12 years of dedicated service. Two candidates are running to fill the vacancy she will leave behind. A debate will be held on Aug. 15, moderated by Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association President Henry Robin in the Cherry Grove Community House, beginning at 10 a.m. All members of CGCAI are invited to meet the candidates. It will be very interesting to listen to the candidates’ thoughts concerning the destiny of Cherry Grove.

Jamie Brickhouse gave a powerful performance in “I Favor My Daddy” last Saturday in the Grove. Hal Hayes and Anthony Thompson hosted a fundraiser for the New York City Anti Violence Project in the Pines. Executive Director Bev Tilley spoke and thanked everyone for attending. Shequita gave a thrilling performance, along with Layaltee spinning tunes and catering by Billy Carroll.

The Co-ops in Fire Island Pines recently celebrated their 61st Anniversary. I remember when they were first built in 1960. Through the years they have maintained the property beautifully. They held a lovely party on the premises organized by Meghan Gibbons, Annemarie Hernandez and Michael Nardi.

The 18th Biennial Art Show was held last Saturday at Whyte Hall, organized by Nicholas Politis.  Twenty-six artists from the Pines and Cherry Grove displayed their talents. Richard Des Jardins received the Barbara Sahlman Artist of the Year Award – recognizing the artist and the memory of Barbara who was devoted to Fire Island Pines Arts Project.

Legendary DJ Robbie Leslie returned to the island and was the guest spinner at the Souvenirs Tea Dance, produced by Robert Bonanno, president of the Pines Preservation Society, and hosted by Robin Byrd, at the Ice Palace.

Save the Date:

Aug. 13 : “Over the Piano,” a musical revue starring Kyle Torrence, Matthew Stephens, and Gillian Hassert will be presented at the Cherry Grove Community House Theatre at 8 p.m. Tickets are still available.

Aug. 14: Lambda will once again have their fabulous luncheon fundraiser and pool party, as they have in Fire Island Pines since 1978. The event will be hosted by Todd Sears, Brian Gilgor, David Altea and Paddy Pilkington.

Also, Dana Goldberg will perform in “All Vaxxed Out,” at 8 p.m., at the Community House Theatre. Tickets are still available.

Aug. 21: “Studio 54,” a themed fundraiser for the Arts Project of Cherry Grove will be held from 4 to 8 p.m., at 118 Bayview Walk. There will be an open bar, silent auction, and drag performance. Tickets are limited.

Sept. 4 and 5: FIPAP will present “Jerry’s Girls” at Whyte Hall with an all-star Pines cast.

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