Saltaire Summery

by Hugh O'Brien |


Saltaire Camp staffers prepare for the summer’s program on the newly refurbished bleachers. (Photo by Camp Director, Molly Davis).

Whether the two weeks’ withering, wavering weather we’ve waded through has wound down, or wither its winds whip up higher heat waves, is anyone’s wager. What’s sobering is that we’ve experienced Elsa, the earliest recorded “E” storm on record, an “E” storm in real space, not an “e-storm” in cyberspace. Elsa didn’t quite roar in like its eponymous lion but it may portend a worrying hurricane season ahead. E-gads!

Meanwhile, things are zipping along like an e-bike on Lighthouse as Saltaire’s traditional summer revives. The SVFC holds its traditionally-belated Fourth of July parade Saturday, July 17, starting at 10:30 a.m., and once again there’ll be food and music post-defile at the firehouse. Camp Director Molly Davis’s program has reclaimed the great outdoors, and the Library program under “Ms. Kate” Valente is a veritable page-turner; visit for information and calendars. Softball and other sports are in play on the field (with its newly-shaded bleachers!) and Club activities are bustling. Even the complaints rolling in are pretty much standard pre-pandemic stuff.

One of those rolling complaints was directed at the SCA’s Directory, whose 2021-22 edition rolled off the presses the other week. Inevitably there were a few mistakes, though the omission of Beacon Walk in the reverse portion of the book was a bit disconcerting to the people who live on it. Rest assured, Beacon still shines and this and other errata will be unerringly corrected in the next supplement. One important note: the Directory mistakenly gives the Northwell Clinic’s location as the second floor of the Village Hall, where the Village Office is; it is of course at the former doctor’s office at 14 Bay Prom. While our Office staff is quite skilled in most things, I’m not sure I’d place my health care needs in their otherwise capable hands.

Speaking of 14 Bay, it appears our post office is getting rather sophisticated these days. You get the same dedicated service from Postmistress Liv Hempel and her assistants, but now there’s a mailbox outside the building that eliminates all need for human contact in posting letters. However, for some reason the thing’s been painted gray instead of the usual blue.

And, in a sure sign of normalcy, Connie Lawler emailed, saying in part: “Our Annual Bridge Club will have duplicate bridge at the Saltaire Yacht Club, July 12 to August 30, Mondays from 1 to 4 p.m., with a mini-lesson prior to each game; $20 for members, $25 for guests.” Contact Connie at 917-952-5236 or Originally Connie had something in there about bridge as an off-set to on-set dementia but when I saw her later she asked me to drop “the Alzheimer’s thing” which we both agreed was best forgotten, whatever it was. Like I said, normalcy.

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