Sayville Artist Susan Brown Creates Impressively Detailed Masterpieces

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Boats in the Bay by Susan Brown.

by Nicole Cardone ~ To the glancing eye, Susan Brown’s paintings may seem scribbled and scrambled with lines and colors. Take a closer look, however, there is an impressive amount of detail beheld on the canvas.

Scenes of local favorites like the Fire Island Ferries, Sayville churches, boardwalks were common themes to the exhibition at Sayville VFW Post 433 on Friday, April 29. As a Sayville resident, Susan often enjoys painting street corners, people, transportation and much more.

At the age of four Susan was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Born in 1957 in Copiague, she started drawing at the age of five. She has spent every Thursday since 2002 attending Pure Vision Arts Studio in Manhattan, which is “the first specialized art studio and exhibition space for artists with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual/developmental disabilities,” according to their website.

Walking through the display of her art was captivating. One could spend hours contemplating these brilliant works.

“I’ve been capturing reality for years – that’s what I do,” she said in a matter-of-fact way at the opening reception.

Her perspective is different from most people. She has the ability to see the world with fresh eyes. Susan can take a typical street corner in town and transform it into a beautiful moment of time by capturing it through creative expression.

Marshall said that their goal is to get Susan’s artwork onto Fire Island someday. Until then, explore Susan’s art gallery virtually, visit her Facebook page, Susan Brown Arts.

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