Classical Music – More Fun than You Think!

by Shoshanna M. |

All too often Classical Music is presented to audiences the same way parents serve vegetables to their kids – you may not really enjoy this, but it’ll be good for you. How about the fact that it’s awesome, or that it sounds great? Classical music is exciting, fun, and entertaining! This course will examine what makes this musical art for so special.

Long Island History Lecture Series

by Shoshanna M. |

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author Bill Bleyer returns to Fire Island School this fall for a series of four lectures based on books that he has published. Itinerary is as follows.

Yoga for Every Body

by Shoshanna M. |

Stephanie Rogers, Craniosacral Therapist/ Steph’s Body Works . This virtual class meets every Wednesday for eight sessions, beginning  September 29, from 4 – 5 p.m.
A $20 enrollment fee is required to participate in this class. Email for more information.

Get Google Savvy!

by Shoshanna M. |

Okay, you mastered the Google search engine – sort of – but what of the rest of it that you can’t quite wrap your head around?

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Remembering the Story to Save Fire Island

by Emma Boskovski |

Author of “Saving Fire Island from Robert Moses,” Christopher Verga, delivered a virtual lecture, hosted by Fire Island School Adult Education Program, on Thursday, July 15, giving those who tuned in a presentation about the fight for a national seashore.